Thursday, December 02, 2004

An Apple a day keeps the...

Of course, some people need more than fruit. See Jason Giambi. Today we find that Giambi did, indeed, take steroids. Shockingly (tongue implanted in cheek), Barry Bonds' name came up. This story could rock the sports world. If we get proof that Bonds did partake of the roids along with enabling others to do the same, it should be his demise. If it's not, we've got a bigger problem.

Now, on to what everyone really wants to know. "How's that apple?" Ok, I've got three apples of different variety. Since I've never really paid attention to what the actual difference is between members of the apple family, I thought I would take this opportunity to document them. A few details. I typically enjoy an apple by first quartering it, then cutting out the core. Then I eat it, skin and all.

Apple #1 - Jonagold. It is a lighter red fading into a yellow-green. It's not as dense as some. Kind of watery, but still crunchy enough. Sweet, but not too sweet. Overall, I like it and would buy it again.

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