Friday, July 02, 2004

My blood is reaching Fahrenheit 911

Ok, I've tried to let this go...I have. I'm even hoping maybe this will help. But this whole Michael Moore thing is driving me nuts. I'm sure you're saying,"But dude, why can't you just let people make the movies they want to make?" Well dude, that's not what I have a problem with. If idiots want to go off somewhere and make "documentaries" that are basically truth-challenged anti-commercials...fine. Have a party. Here's what gets my blood boiling. The press and media not taking said filmmaker to task for either: (a) lazy fact-checking and film making or (b) purposefully misleading others. He's doing one of the two, and in this case I think everyone would join me in yelling...."B!!!!!" The only real challenge I've seen so far is the Christopher Hitchens' article (click here for article). I've heard the conversation and analysis of many that say the movie is obviously an anti-Bush project that plays fast and loose with the facts. These same defend Moore's choices with his own explanation that this is just his "Op-ed piece". Someone should drop Moore and all his defenders a memo...having an opinion does not allow you to purposefully mislead or outright lie. Does it give you the right to come to possibly crazy and nonsensical conclusions? Sure. Does it allow you to abuse the facts to basically force people to a certain conclusion....Heh, heh, heh, no. So even those who would be considered of similar political leaning to Moore that I've heard speak about on the issue have said that the film should be viewed as entertainment and not as a historically accurate reflection of events. But then I see this (link). A U.S. Congresswoman is using the movie as a campaign fundraising tool....and here's the best part. She says the movie is filled with "information that every American needs to know." --British sports announcer voice,"And there he goes, he's done it, Jason has just flown off the deep end!"-- Aaahhhhhggggg!!!! Yes Virginia, there are morons all over the place, even in Congress. Why? Why can't people just think? It confounds me. I don't know what irritates me more, her calling it information; or all her idiot constituents paying $25 a head to sit together in a dark theater and cheer and repeat their favorite lines like they're at the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. --"Bush just said Nuke-u-lar again! Wooooo!"-- Ok. I'm not sure this is helping. Either way I'm spent. But Sunday is the 4th. A day to celebrate freedom. Or in Michael Moore's case... lie.

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