Monday, December 08, 2008

Things I don't understand #62

...How I can live in a world where this is an option.

Not for me, but you know, for people in general. So, I'm sitting in front of the TV one night...actually, I was sitting at the laptop at the table with the TV in the background but in view. I had it on ESPN (shocker) and I'm guessing it was later in the evening. Anyhoo, I'm sure I was doing something really important like checking Facebook or looking for music or making vital fantasy football moves (not blogging, though; definitely not blogging) when some commercial caught my eye (I can also see my TV in a mirror so as to not have to do such exhausting things as turning my head).

It started out showing a couple who were very obviously in the process of some very personal interaction. A phrase flashes on screen, "These people are married." More images of possible actions one might take if they found themselves in a hotel room with a scantily clad female, then a second phrase. "But not to each other." At this point, the commercial had my full attention. I sat there staring at the screen. Mainly, I was waiting for the punch-line. It had to be some joke, some funny beer ad. Surely, they couldn't be supporting one cheating on their marriage, breaking one's vows. But no punch-line came. Instead, just a web address and then a slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair." I sat there dazed and agape. Despite the lack of a comical ending, I still thought this might be a joke...or more of an elaborate ruse. A prank. So I went to the site. And I quickly came to the conclusion that this was real.

They claim to have over 2.3 million members of their "dating service". But alas, not many single ones (poor me). According to their faq(why do I find it so odd that they have a faq) if you're single, "you're probably going to have to try a little harder." You see, I don't have as much to lose and therefore can't be a dating service for people looking to break one of God's "Big Ten". So I guess if you're making a list or reasons for me to get married or not, this can be added to both sides of the ledger. Sure, you're more likely to be cheated on, but now you find yourself eligible for additional "dating" options. So just in case you still think I'm making this up, I've added the commercial below for your viewing pleasure. Life is short...

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